Welcome to our New Look Website!

Welcome to our New Look Website!

Other Info / FAQ

Creating an Account

You will have the option to create an account at the end of placing your first order.
For the first order, you will need to go through as a 'guest'. At the completion of your order you have the option to create an account.
This will save your contact details for the next order.
Unfortunately you cannot create an account before placing an order.

About Cling Mounted Stamps

All our stock craft stamps are available as wood mounted or cling mounted.
Cling mounted stamps are made from the same high quality laser engraved rubber as wood mounted stamps. To get the best impression, mount the stamp onto an acrylic block or stamp platform.

You turn my existing Wood Mounted stamps into Cling Mount stamps by purchasing a sheet of EZMount Foam. Remove the rubber from the block and clean off any old foam or residue before sticking rubber to the EZMount Foam.

Loyalty Card (craft products only)

How it works:
Our loyalty card can be used in shop or online.  All craft purchases are put onto the card.  There is no expiry date, once you have spent a total of $150 you receive $5.00 off your next order (or save up to $300 for a $10 discount)

Mail orders:
We will send a till receipt stapled to your mail order. Collect up these receipts until you are due a discount.

Redeeming your discount online:
Once you have enough to claim a discount:
Place an order online, email us a photo of the receipts and loyalty card that you have and we apply the discount to the order.